Conversion methods can deliver different results based on the context. Website content, time of day, time of year and external factors can impact conversion rates.
what conversion methods are best for your website

If you’ve figured out that there are multiple ways to achieve the same conversion goal but don’t know which one you should be using then don’t panic. There are many different ways that a user can achieve the same goal. Different ways of converting can return different results.

(if you are unsure about what we mean by conversion goals, check out our article here about the conversion pathway)

Conversion Rates

Look at a sample of users to your site. See if you can identify how many of those users achieved the conversion goal that you have set out. This is called a Conversion Rate (number of conversions ÷ number of page visitors).

You can then use testing to compare the calls to action and determine which have higher conversion rates.

Example: the goal of a website may be to generate more leads.  A conversion could be either a phone call to your business or someone submitting a form online. Testing these two methods may find people are twice as likely to contact you through a web form. You can then decide that you are only going to offer the web form option moving forward.

Before you go making any changes though, here are some other factors for you to consider:

Conversion Quality

Once the user has ‘converted’, is one method actually delivering a better outcome than the other? Maybe revenue is higher from phone calls than web forms? Perhaps you are receiving more spam through one method over the other.

If this is the case then try and dig a little deeper to find out why. It could be that there is a critical piece of information that is missing from the Conversion Pathway. This could lead to a breakdown in the process.

Multiple Conversion Options

Consider giving users the option to choose their preferred conversion method (i.e. display a phone number and web form side by side)? Be careful though because if you offer too much choice you may run the risk of the customer not converting at all.

Test having multiple conversion options against the single conversion technique and determine what impact it has on your conversion rates. Also, test having both options available but making the option you would prefer them to take more prominent.


Have a think about the context in which your users are converting, this is important. Are you receiving more web form enquiries in the middle of the night? Are user converting more at the start of the week or on weekends? What other factors are influencing your users?

Once you identify peak times or pathways, try to see if you can identify what is driving the behaviour. Again, this can be done by testing one against the other.

A/B & Multivariate Testing

When testing call to actions and other elements on your website, be sure that you are comparing apples with apples. What I mean is don’t run a green button on your website this month and then a red button on your website next month and expect that the performance is going to be a good indication.

Aside from being slow and painful, there are also so many outside factors that could be influencing the performance. To make it easier, there are a lot of systems available that allow you to perform what is known as A/B or Multivariate Testing.

A/B Testing is where you set two variants of the same content at the same time, and you present it randomly to your users

For example, you may have a landing page selling footwear and you want to test out if an image of just the shoe itself is going to gain more conversions than an image of a model wearing the shoes. By setting up an A/B Test the different versions of the landing page will be presented to different users, and the results will be tracked. After a specified number of users, the program will determine an outcome (if one exists).

Some platforms use AI to automatically account for any anomalies, and can be set up to split the delivery evenly, or leaning towards the outcome(s) that appears to be performing better. The smarter platforms are able to determine outcomes a lot faster allowing you to save time and see a faster ROI.

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