You may have existing TV content, but how do you put it onto platforms like Facebook and Instagram in such a way that the content is still effective and delivers your brand message? In this blog we will cover the ins and out of making your content relative to the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

People are spending more and more time on mobile these days, which means video content for Social Media consumption on mobile has also increased exponentially.

What does this mean for businesses looking to advertise on mobile?

  • Mobile video views are exploding. In fact, over half of all video views globally are on mobile, and mobile video consumption is increasing at a rapid rate on social media.
  • It is not enough to just use your existing television commercial content (TVC). The mobile environment is different, so your content should be designed to reflect consumption behaviour on mobile.
  • Create content for mobile because that’s where your audience is spending their time.

You may have existing TVC content, but how do you put it onto platforms like Facebook and Instagram in such a way that the content is still effective and delivers your brand message?

Let’s take a look to better understand the mobile environment and why placing your TVC content directly into Facebook and Instagram may not yield the best results. We’ll also look at why it’s necessary to design for the mobile experience.

How content is consumed on mobile

The Video content for Social Media environment is fast, frequent and consumed with sound off. Let’s look at each of these in detail:


People consume content differently on mobile. They scroll through their feeds quickly as they go about their day. Facebook knows that there is usually drop off after the first few seconds of video viewing, which is typical of mobile in general.

In the infographic below the green line represents a typical story arc of a TV commercial, while the white line represents mobile “drop off” behaviour. If your main message/product is at the end, who’s going to know?

Mobile Video Engagement Example
Generalised example – for illustrative purposes only


People check their phones multiple times a day. Throughout the day, they may be visiting Facebook or Instagram and reading articles or engaging with video content on Social Media. This gives your video opportunity to show up more frequently and in more places.

Sound off

Facebook also knows that in most cases, people will go through their day with their phones set to silent. What does that mean for businesses? If their viewer only watches the first few seconds of your video with the sound off, chances are, your intended message may be lost to your viewers.

The Verdict

The takeaway here is that while there are challenges with using your TVC assets for mobile, there is also an opportunity.

To make the most of your ad budget, consider designing your content to match consumer behaviour. This will help you better deliver your brand message and achieve your desired business results. After all, you wouldn’t want to put something out there that you know isn’t optimised to deliver results and get you the most out of your ad spend, right?

Creative Considerations for Video in Mobile Feed

Let’s now take a look at some creative considerations for designing video content specifically for mobile.

“What if I already have TVC assets?”

Great! Below we will share with you some creative considerations to adapt your existing content and optimise it for mobile.

Previously, we shared some insights to help you understand the mobile environment and why placing your TVC content directly into Facebook and Instagram may not yield the best results. Whenever possible (if time and budget permits), consider creating video content specifically designed for the mobile environment.

Design your mobile content to complement your TV content and vice versa.

Also, designing video content specifically for mobile doesn’t mean that it should cost you an arm and a leg.

Hot Tip: Build a Slideshow
For people who are trying to create video ads quickly but don’t have time to create a new video, you can build a slideshow when you create your ad in Ads Manager.

Capture people’s attention quickly by creating a video using existing images. You’ll be able to do this once you get to the Ad section within the ad creation flow.

Creative considerations

Below are our four creative recommendations when creating and designing video content for social media.

Capture attention quickly

Consolidate your message in 15 seconds or less

Capture Attention Quickly
People make split-second decisions around what content they want to engage with as they’re scrolling through their feeds, so you’ll want to capture your audience’s attention in the first few seconds.

Consider using fast motion, quick cuts and putting your brand/message up front. To maximize impact on a mobile phone, we recommend consolidating your message to 15 seconds or less.

Design for sound off

But delight with sound on

Design for Sound Off

Expect that most people will consume video content in mobile feed without sound, so design your video to communicate clearly in this environment.

Make sure to express your message visually or with words (text, captions, graphics) to let people see, rather than hear, the core message. Add sound to enhance the experience for those who watch with the sound on.

Frame your visual story and build for vertical

Frame Your Visual Story

The way you tell a story visually matters. Highlight keyframes in your shot and create visual surprises by playing with dimensions or moving between the foreground and background of your scene. Optimize for mobile by producing taller ‘portrait’ videos.

Play and test with Creative Hub

Play and Test with Creative Hub

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for building brands with mobile video, so experiment and see what works best for your brand and audience.

Use one or a series of videos to tell a story. Your videos can be as long or short as they need to be; however, attention is a gift, so tell your story as quickly as you can while still getting your key message across.

Ensure you’re using the best performing creative by testing continuously. The Creative Hub ( has features that allow you to play more, inspire and collaborate.


Ideally, you would have content created specifically for mobile. However, if you can’t create new content, let’s look at how you can optimize the assets you already own for your brand and optimize them for your mobile audience.

As mentioned earlier, people consume video on mobile differently. For example, you have a great 30 second TV commercial with an emotional story, soundtrack and surprising reveal at the end. Most people are scrolling quickly through their feed on their mobile phones with the sound off and may only watch the first 10-15 seconds of any video. If your main message or product is revealed at the end, who’s going to know?

What is PockeTVC?

PockeTVC (short for pocket television commercials) is a program developed by Facebook’s Creative Shop. Creative Shop is a team of creative strategists who help Facebook industry partners unlock the creative potential of their platforms.

They have worked with more than 250 brands and agencies to unlock the potential of PockeTVC.

They designed this program to help business repurpose TV assets for the mobile environment. PockeTVC highlights concepts to optimizing assets that you already own, for the mobile audience in a low cost, low barrier way.

The idea is to take existing TV assets and fit them for mobile. Studies have shown that when creative is tailored specifically for mobile, brand awareness and message association is stronger.

PockeTVC Awareness and Message

What can PockeTVC help with?

PockeTVC was created to help businesses move their messages up front and communicate them effectively in the mobile environment. It teaches businesses how to design video content with intent, craft, clarity and with greater objectivity.

Video Focus Points

PockeTVC was designed to help businesses repurpose their TV assets for the mobile environment. Here’s a quick recap of the concepts that businesses can apply when redesigning their content for the mobile feed:


tend to lead to



tend to result in


Brand & Message Add logo as a formality Introduce the brand into the story within the first three seconds
Typography & Captions Add subtitles to the original TVC Bring the story to life with dynamic supers and graphics
Crops & Ratios Make it 4:3 or 1:1 Explore different aspect ratios, also with split screens/grids
Duration Trim the video shorter Condense the story
Story Arcs Stick to the original story arc Reframe the story to bring out the key message faster
Experiment Leverage products across the Facebook family of apps and services Leverage products across the Facebook family of apps and services

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