If your social media strategy on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn is focusing on macro/pillar content like a vlog, you're making a huge mistake. The micro content (small highlight clips) that is created from the pillar content is so much more impactful on social.
Social Media Content For Instagram And LinkedIn

If your social media strategy on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn is focusing on macro/pillar content like a vlog, you’re making a huge mistake. The micro-content (small highlight clips) that is created from the pillar content is so much more impactful on social.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re a business or influencer and you’ve got an Instagram (IG) or Linkedin account or maybe both.

Business is good and you’re looking to step up your social media game. You’ve got a decent following but you’re not getting cut through and your audience growth has come to a grinding halt. Now you’re at a loss as to how to make it explode.

If this is your situation then this article going to change your life.

Here are my top 9 tips for smashing your Instagram and LinkedIn content game…

Know Your Platforms

Don’t just be active on social media because you think its a good idea…What’s the end game? Do you simply want more local B2B business? ….well then maybe just focus on Linkedin. Do you want to influence culture and people? …then Instagram is your space.

So many businesses make the mistake of putting resources into social media (or any marketing platform for that matter) for the wrong reasons.

3 good reasons why you have an underperforming Instagram account:

  1. “My competition is there so should I”…YAWN, so what?!?
  2. “My partner and kids said I should use Instagram because everyone is using it” Since when do we listen to our or kids for sound business advice?
  3. “I like Instagram so we should be on Instagram” …your probably looking at women in bikinis 80% of the time (regardless if your male or female)

Simply put, you need to be where your audience is most active and where you’re going to get the best bang for your buck, and not just because everyone else is doing it.

Instagram: Instagram strengthens relationships through shared experiences. It is a place where visual expression inspires visible action.

Hot Tip: We’ve seen the best results on IG when content is emotional and human…if you’re just shooting product then you’ll come across too “salesy” and no one will really care.

LinkedIn: B2B….pretty simple

Hot Tip: Provide FREE content that people can use. DO NOT go and private messaging 100 people or do a paid message to people about your new product or service…you’ll just annoy everyone. You need to be 100% authentic and helpful.

Know Your Audience

The better you know your audience the better you can position and create your content to help solve their problems, needs, wants and desires. You should know everything about them to a T.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Occupation
  • Desires
  • Frustrations

Document And Vlog

Casey Neistat said it best. “The best camera is the one you have on you”. That brick in your pocket is more than just a phone…it can now shoot 4k at 24fps….that’s better than some DSLR cameras.

Download yourself a manual camera app like Filmic Pro (this isn’t an endorsement either) and you can get insanely good video footage by accessing the manual settings of your phone camera.

(So why aren’t I flogging it??? I’m actually doing this for SEO purposes, haha but I’ll be Vlogging soon!)

Put Out More Useful and Relevant Content

It’s a volume game. Simply posting once per day isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to need 3-4-5 times per day (and don’t make the mistake of posting for the sake of posting either) you need to be super calculated, strategic and provide value. If you simply post boring content for the sake of posting you’ll become un-engaging, your brand suffers, and you won’t get the followers or business. Which brings me to my next point.

Micro-Content Over Macro

Microcontent (shorter videos) are more important than macro content (longer videos) And that’s because our attention spans are insanely short now (thanks to social media).

Let’s say you produce a 5min vlog… don’t go putting the entire vlog on your Instagram or LinkedIn account. Instead, break it up put into the highlights. Think of it as the 5 or 6 wow moments when people go “OMG! I want to know more”. Then it might take the viewer to your website or YouTube channel for the full video.

Hot Tip: Facebook recommends that your videos should be no longer than 5-15secs long. Most people don’t even go past 2 seconds unless its thumb stopping content.

Don’t Get Sucked In

Not everyone is going to use Instagram or LinkedIn so don’t make the mistake of doing it for the sake of doing it. If you’re in the B2B game, you’re better off putting out 4-5 pieces of content on LinkedIn and that will impact your business way more. If your target market isn’t on Instagram or any other platform for that matter, simply don’t create a channel.

Get Creative On The Copy

There’s nothing worse than going 100% on amazing visuals and imagery and then your copy lets you down. Get creative and personalised on your copy because copy matters.

Hot Tip: Many people are divided when it comes to written text on social media, some say it should be short and punchy, others recommend it can be longer. What is important is that your opening phrase is punchy and grabs their attention.

Content Content Content & More Content

You can simply never put out enough relevant content. Volume is king in the social media game particularly if you want to get noticed. Think about all the things you could talk about that people have issues with and then get 50 versions of that problem you can fix…once you’ve got all this content you can then think about strategy and how you’re going to deliver it.

Collaboration & Influencer Marketing

The way to grow on IG and get more B2B leads in LinkedIn is to get more influential people to co-sign you.

What do I mean? Make content that brings people value then find influencers in your field who are bigger than you who would be willing to endorse your business and promote your stuff on their channels as well as your own.

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