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Hospitality Marketing: You need to be doing this for your venue

Hospitality Marketing is exceptionally competitive. For your venue to stand out in a crowded market, then you must be doing these 5 things.

The hospitality industry relies heavily on loyalty and relationships, but how do you build this when consumers have so many options out there?

We will assume in the first place that you have a great product, and that your customer service is up to scratch because these are give-ins for any venue to be successful.

But what if you have a great product but you still aren’t seeing the results?

Make sure you have all these in place:

1. Build a strategy and a plan

It still amazes me how few customers see the value in creating a strategy. Your strategy is your roadmap to marketing your venue and is a definition of your brand. It should tie into your business plan and identify how you are going to go about achieving your goals.

As a marketing company we always start by asking if our customers have a strategy, and if they don’t, then we will build one for them.

Here are the basics of what a good strategy should include:

  • Who, What and Why: Who are you? What do you do, and why is this of value to consumers?
  • Your Goals: What does success look like to your business?
  • Your Audience: Who is it that you are targeting? Which goals do they help you achieve, and what are you going to offer that they see as being of value?
  • The Technology: What technology is it that your audience is using, and how can you leverage that?

You can read more about creating your marketing strategy here:

Our Step By Step Guide To Building A Great Marketing Strategy

2. Have an awesome brand

Reflect your brand in your marketing strategy and vice versa. There is no point creating a brand for millennials when your target audience is baby boomers!

Start with your strategy because this will influence your brand, then build a brand kit.

A good brand kit will include the following:

  • Brand Persona – how does your brand look, talk and feel?
  • Logo – variants for print, digital, embroidery etc
  • Catch Phrase/Slogan – what summarises your brand in just a few words?
  • Colours – what colours does your brand use?
  • Typography – what fonts does your brand use?
  • Rules for using your brand – so that you can share it

3. Create amazing content

Photography and Videography are always our favourite part when working with bars and restaurants. You get to see just how good their product is.

We create a bank of imagery and video content for our clients so that there is always something on hand when you need it.

Hospitality Marketing - Creating good content
We create a bank of images for our clients to access online

When creating your content, you need to think about the formats in which it will be used such as:

  • Website
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Social Media

If you are creating for social media, then you need to consider that the majority of users are viewing your content on mobiles. Optimise your content for viewing on smaller screens.

Optimise images for use on mobiles
Be sure to create content that is suitable for mobile users

We use a two pronged approach for generating photo and video content:

  • Scheduled Shoots: usually coinciding with drink and food menu changes, or new launches. We will book a few hours with the bar or the kitchen, and the venue will ask their friends, family and staff to be part of the shoot. We use camera gear that is specialised for shooting food. The best bit of all is that they all get a taste of the product at the end, which can often lead to valuable feedback to the management.
  • Impromptu Shoots: are done in house, or on short notice for weekly specials and unexpected events. Often these photos and videos are captured on mobile phones (you would be amazed by how high quality the pictures you can get on top end phones are!)
Lighting is key to good photo and video
Good lighting is the difference between a good shot and a great one

The key to any shoot is the setting. You need good natural lighting and a scene that reflects the feel of your venue.

Hospitality Marketing Venue
Venue is also a key consideration
Photo taken on a mobile phone at a bar
You will be amazed how good mobile phone cameras are now. Taken on a Google Pixel 3.

4. Optimise your website

Before you start paying for any advertising, it is critical that your website is up to spec. There is no point sending potential customers to your site only for them to be lost because they couldn’t find the information that they needed, or the site took too long to load.

We often audit our customer’s websites before we start advertising, and give them feedback on where they can make improvement.

5. Market on Social Media

There are many options available when it comes to where you market your venues, for us the first place to go is social media. The nature of platforms like Facebook and Instagram is that the content you publish makes the consumer feel part of your brand and part of your venue.

Remember what I said at the start? Hospitality relies heavily on loyalty and relationships, and you can manage both of these through you social platforms.

When we work with venues, we set out a 90-day plan, so we know well in advance what we are going to be promoting. We then share this information with the staff at the venues for two reasons:

  • It allows them to give their input and feel part of the process.
  • They know what is coming up so they can promote events in conversation and can answer customer questions – again, this build loyalty and relationships.

Our plans contain a mixture of organic and paid content, across posts and events.  

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