Using different Facebook Post Types is an essential way to keep your customers engaged. Here are our tips on the different types of posts you can create. In this blog we will cover the ins and out of making your content relative to the Facebook and Instagram platforms.
Facebook post create an event

Facebook Post Types

Using different Facebook Post Types on your business page is an essential way to keep your customers engaged. Here are our tips on the different types of posts you can create.

Your Facebook Business Page should be engaging and informative to show your audience you’re an active and trustworthy business. To do this you can start posting updates about your business as soon as it’s live.

If you don’t have a Facebook Business page yet, click here to learn how to create one

Posting often on your Facebook Business Page helps people who are interested in your business know what you’re up to. It also helps to keep customers engaged with industry trends, new products, and events.

When you’re ready to add content, you’ll see that there are several types of posts you can publish to your Page, such as Photo/Video, Feeling/Activity, Offers, Events, advertising a post and more. Click the “…” for a full list of Page Post options.

facebook post types
Here is where you can add a post. Click the “…” for a full list of Page Post options.

Let’s take a look at some of the post types.

post types
A list of the types of posts you can choose from


Posting your Status is a great way to engage potential customers. Your status can be anything about you, your business, or your industry. Create short, fun-to-read content. Announce an online sale, share a new product, or make it more personal.

status post type
Facebook Status Post

You can choose to post the status immediately to your Timeline so it can start appearing in people’s News Feeds, or you can choose to ‘Schedule’, ‘Backdate’ or ‘Save Draft’ (You can read more about how to use these features later in this article.)

Post Options
If you don’t want to post immediately, you can choose to ‘Schedule’, ‘Backdate’ or ‘Save Draft’



Visual content helps you enhance your online presence. Posting photos and videos can help your Page attract more people than text alone — think about when you’re scrolling through your own News Feed. We’re just naturally drawn to visuals.

Photo & Video Posting Options

Facebook image post options
There are several different photo and video options available to enhance your Facebook Business Page with visual content.

1. Upload Photos/Video

Using this feature, upload photos or videos to your Facebook Business Page simply by clicking this option and then choosing the media from your computer.

If you upload a Photo, you’ll be able to tag products in the image, as well as add descriptions.

If you upload a video, you’ll have many options for how your video displays. The basic options include adding a custom thumbnail, adding tags, a title, and a custom image. As you move on to more advanced features, you’ll be able to do things like adding a Call-to-Action button, cross-post over platforms, add video captions, distribution options, custom labels and more.

Hot Tip: Facebook Live

Video is growing in popularity, so it’s no surprise that a lot of businesses are using Facebook Live.

Featuring a live, streaming feed, Facebook Live lets you interact directly with people via video.

This is a great way to help you capture more customer attention. Why? Facebook Live videos are an event — and much more interesting in the moment.

For more information about using video content on social media check out my article Optimising Video Content for Social Media

Facebook Live
Facebook Live allows you to interact with followers in real-time

2. Create a Photo Album

Photo Albums are collections of still images. You can gather your images together in one album, add a description, a title, feature it on your Profile and create new privacy settings.

Facebook image albums

3. Create a Photo Carousel

Use the carousel format to show up to 10 images and/or videos, headlines, links, or calls-to-action in a single unit.

You can showcase specific products, provide details about packages or apps, or tell a story through successive carousel cards.

People can scroll through your carousel cards by swiping on mobile phones or tablets or clicking the arrows on a computer screen.

Facebook image carousel
4. Create a Slideshow

Slideshow lets you combine multiple images, text, and sound to enhance engagement and tell a visual story on Facebook. Facebook and Instagram Slideshows play automatically on smartphones, tablets, and computers — just like a video.

The Slideshow feature is easy to use and provides an immersive experience for your customers. You can also use images to convey complex processes without a lot of text. Use Slideshow to build a powerful narrative.

5. Create a Canvas

One of my personal favourites. Canvas is a full-screen, mobile experience that can be used with all Facebook ad formats. You can either create a custom Canvas or use Facebook templates, which help you streamline the process.

You can use Canvas to combine videos, images, 360 content and Call-to-Action buttons in one unit designed to communicate your message.

Now let’s look at a couple other post types:

Offers & Discounts

When 50 people Like your Facebook Business Page, you’ll be able to create an Offer/Discount. This post type allows you to create promotions that can help attract customers, increase sales, drive website traffic and boost Page engagement.

For example, Jasper’s Market could create an offer for people to receive a free item when they make a purchase. A customer can then claim the offer, get details on how to redeem the offer via email, and then use the offer later at either the brick-and-mortar or online business.

Facebook post type offer-discount

Create an Offer/discount

  • Click the “…” under the Page Post field
  • Click Offer/Discount.
  • Describe your offer, and provide an expiration date and time.
  • Add a photo or graphic.
  • Select whether people can use the offer in the store, online or both. Add your website URL if you plan to have people redeem the offer online.
  • If you want, add a generic promo code to help you track sales.
  • Additionally, you can select how long the offer is valid for.

When you’re ready, click Publish. If you’d like to schedule the offer for a later date, use the Schedule Offer option.

Facebook post create an offer
Create an offer or discount for your customers


Post an offer or discount on Facebook
Post an offer or discount on Facebook



In Events, you can select the people you want to see your event notice. When they accept the event, it will automatically display on their personal Facebook calendar. Then, if you make changes, they’ll be notified. They’ll also receive reminders about the event.

You can also see who accepted your invitation, so you can plan for how many people to expect.
Facebook post create an event


Your Facebook Business Page is also a great place to celebrate milestones for your business, such as a grand opening or anniversary. You can choose a title, location, add a story and add a photo. The only required field is the date of the milestone.

Your milestone will appear on your Timeline and in people’s News Feeds, just like any other Page update.

Facebook post create a milestone
Create a milestone on your Facebook Page


Facebook Notes

Notes are like blog posts that people can read natively within Facebook, without leaving your Page.

When creating a Note, you can add a cover photo that represents what your note is all about, caption and resize photos and format your text into headers, quotes, or bullets.

Post Scheduling

Why would you want to schedule a post for later?

Let’s say NewyMedia is celebrating its one-year anniversary in two weeks, and they’re having a special event where they’ll feature discounts. Since it’s two weeks away, we don’t want to announce it until one week before the event. With the Schedule feature, we can date it so that it will publish at a specific date and time.

And, since it’s a limited time event, we don’t want it to display in News Feeds after the event has passed. The Distribution Schedule feature allows you to set a date and time in the future for when you want your post to stop appearing in people’s News Feeds.

Schedule a Facebook post
Backdating a Post

Because all Page posts appear in your Timeline in chronological order, you can adjust where your status appears by backdating a post.

Backdate a Facebook post
Backdate a Facebook post

Save Draft

The Save Draft feature enables you to save your post and finish it at a later date. When you’re ready to post your draft:

  • Click the Publishing Tools tab.
  • Select Drafts in the left navigation.
  • Select your draft post, and either edit, publish, schedule, backdate or delete it.

Facebook post save draft

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