Using a Facebook Lookalike Audience is the perfect way to find your next die-hard fans or loyal customers. Learn how Facebook Lookalike Audiences work and the sources you can use to create audiences to reach thousands of your next loyal customers, anywhere in the world.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Using a Facebook Lookalike Audience is the perfect way to find your next die-hard fans or loyal customers. Learn how Facebook Lookalike Audiences work and the sources you can use to create audiences to reach thousands of your future loyal customers, anywhere in the world.

Today’s is my third article about audience targeting in Facebook, so if you haven’t read them already then you can check out my first two articles here:

Facebook Core Audience Targeting – advertise to people using Facebook location, demographics, interests and behaviours
Facebook Custom Audience Targeting – made up of existing customers you already have such as an email, CRM, phone app subscriptions or database

In this article, I’m going to show you how to find more of your best customers using Facebook Lookalike Audience targeting. This process is the same process we use for our clients, and today we are going to show you exactly how we do it.

Why use a Facebook Lookalike Audience

It can be incredibly challenging and costly trying to find new people interested in your products or services.

Think about it:

Traditional media like TV, radio and print is expensive, targets everyone and is difficult to track.

Not to mention, it’s also being phased out by on-demand streaming platforms like Netflix, Spotify, and digital access to news.

Even Google advertising can only get you in front of those who “want to know, want to go, want to do or want to buy”. But what if you want to target a consumer that doesn’t even know that they need your product yet?

That is what makes Facebook Lookalike Audience so awesome. You can locate and target your ads to unsuspecting customers who look just like your existing customers. There will be new die-hard fans & compulsive shoppers, identical to the best customers you already have.

Even better? They can be anywhere in the world!

How to create a Facebook Lookalike Audience

The fun part!

To create a Facebook Lookalike Audience, you need to be either:

  • An owner of a Facebook Business Page or Public Figure
  • Facebook Business Page or Public Figure Admin
  • Facebook Advertising partner or have advertising permission on a Facebook Ad account.

HOT TIP: Before you get started creating your Facebook Lookalike Audience, you’ll need to know the exact characteristics and details of the customers that you’re looking to replicate. Facebook calls this your “seed audience” and it’s critical to the success of your campaign, so take the time to get this right.

Why? Your Seed Audience is the blueprint used to find more users who are just like them. The more detailed and precise you are with your Seed Audience data, the better your chances of finding more die-hard shopaholics precisely like the ones you have. I like to call it “hunting twinsies”.

Facebook Seed Audience – I call it hunting twinsies 😉

Sources to create a Seed Audience

There are five ways to collect your best customers data.

1. Facebook Page

Data from your Facebook Page based on the people who like your page and engage with your content such as your posts, videos watched, ads engaged with etc.

2. Your Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is probably our prefered choice of data to create a lookalike audience if you’re looking for conversions.


Because it takes the data from customer behaviour based on the actions, they take on your website, like purchasing a product, abandoning a shopping cart, completing forms or spending a certain amount of time on a page.

3. A Mobile App

The Facebook SDK is effectively the same thing as Facebook Pixel but for mobile apps.

You’re taking the data from people using your app and using it to create a Facebook Lookalike Audience.

Data includes in-app purchases, sign-ups, completing levels on gaming apps or if you’re a retailer, shopping.

4. A Custom Audience

If you’ve created a Facebook Custom Audience, you can use this data as the base of your Facebook Lookalike Audience.

Hot Tip: You want to make sure that this is an audience you’ve tested before, so you know it’s a good source that gets results.

5. Customer Data

You can create a Facebook Lookalike Audience using your own customer’s data. This data includes information from your CRM, email database, membership database or POS data.

If you’re worried about the privacy of your customer, don’t stress. Facebook keeps this discreet from any third parties on a secure server.

Setting up your Seed Audience

To Start your Facebook Lookalike Audience head to Business Manager and select Audiences under Assets

Business Manager – Audiences

Next select Create a Lookalike Audience

Audiences – Create a Lookalike Audience

Choose the source you want to use to create your Facebook Lookalike Audience

Again you can choose from a multiple of options as listed above.

Audience Size Tool

The Do’s & Don’ts of Facebook Lookalike Audience Targeting

It’s important to note that the larger the audience size, the less similar it will be to your original seed audience.

6-10 on the Audience size chart will reach more users but will dilute your seed details.

1-5 will have a smaller audience but will be more accurate to your original audience seed.

Keep this in mind when building your audience.


And there you have it.

You now have a firm understanding of how to build a Facebook Lookalike Audience from scratch.

The important takeouts:

  • Ensure you have as much detail as possible about your seed audience before you begin to build a facebook Lookalike Audience as this will determine the success of finding more people similar to the ones you have
  • Using the Audience Size tool, ensure you get the size right when trying to identify more people like the ones you currently have

We always recommend 1-5 as a good number to target those who are exactly like the ones you already have.

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