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Why is Facebook Advertising so Effective?

Facebook is the number one social media platform used by businesses, and there is a simple reason why. Scale.

With over 2 billion total users, 1.3 billion active users daily, an audience that stretches from 16 to 60, and the ability to target users based on their interests.

Facebook is far and above the most popular social media platform for people to stay in touch with their friends and family.

Advertising on Facebook can be made to be hyper-targeted so that it reaches the right people at the right moments.

So if you own a business and are not using Facebook advertising to promote your products you need to ask yourself why not?

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Make Your Facebook Advertising Stand Out

Your business may have multiple target markets, and one thing is for sure: your ad copy needs to resonate with your audience. When creating both written and visuals check you are communicating the right message to the right target market.

For example, a plastic surgeon (let’s call them Cal’s Plastic Surgery) may have a different message for women over 40+ who have had children, as opposed to women 25-30 who haven’t had children. Both are at various stages of their lives and ultimately have different wants and needs.

Here are a couple of examples I’ve put together to get you started with your audience targeting:

Create different audiences based on your goals

Let’s look at the plastic surgeon scenario in a little more detail.

Cal’s Plastic Surgery wants to grow both new customers and specific services such as breast augmentation.

They also want to persuade previous customers to return for a new service such as CoolSculpting or even injectables.

While their overall goal is the same – getting people to make a purchase – they would want to create two different campaigns for these audiences.

Example 1: Create an audience to build brand awareness

Facebook Advertising - building brand awareness

Goal: Build brand awareness with people who have never heard of Cal’s Plastic Surgery

Audience: Reach people in the service area. Aged 40+ women.

Possible objectives: Local awareness, clicks to website or landing page.

What’s relevant to this audience? Your audience values upfront costs, real honest advice, and what they could look like if you got the surgery.

Example 2: Create an audience to reach people who’ve spent with you before

create a facebook audience

Goal: Drive repeat purchases from previous customers.

Audience: Customer Audience based on loyalty programme or website conversions.

Hot Tip:This is super effective when you create an audience using your email database from previous customers. This way, you can advertise to them directly through Facebook and Instagram.

Possible objectives: Website inquiry or online booking

What is important to this audience: You’re a great customer: promote specific products that may interest them such as fillers, CoolSculpting and injectables.

Create a personalised custom ad experience for your customers:

To reach their different audiences, Cal’s creates two different ad campaigns.

For new customers, they create an ad that shows what current customers care about: price, quality, possibilities. They also educate potential new customers about their new surgery simulation service.

For existing customers, Cal knows CoolSculpting and fillers resonate well and keep those customers coming back.

Example 1: Create an ad for people unfamiliar with your business.

Facebook advertising Brand Awareness Campaign

Advertising strategy: Create an ad that drives awareness of your business values. Your current customers value what they could look like, low cost, unobtrusive and judgment-free consultations. Use what you know about them to drive new customers to your shop.

Hot tips:

  • Choose creative that showcases your message. Will people understand what you’re trying to say even if they don’t read the text?
  • Add a call to action, such as Learn More, to get people to visit your website and learn more about your new, local simulation service.

Example 2: Create an ad to attract people who’ve purchased with you before

nter”>Facebook Advertising - targeting users with remarketing

Advertising Strategy: Create an ad that brings back repeat customers (people who’ve already made at least one purchase). Your customers value your honesty, the quality of your work and their experience.

Share not only new products with them but also details about previous patient successes stories (best done with video) highlight the issues they had and how you fixed their problems ( make it the ultimate testimonial). Create a carousel ad that shows new products and links off to each product story.

Hot tips:

  • Choose vibrant, compelling images/videos that showcase the value of your products & services.
  • Add a call to action button, such as Shop Now or Learn More, to get more people to click through to your website and take the action you care about.
  • Offer existing customers a deal to persuade them to take action. For example, HPS Plastic Surgery offers existing customers 50% off their consultation fee when they book a consultation online.

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