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The digital marketing scene in Newcastle is pretty crowded at the moment. You may think it a little crazy to be starting something new right now. NewyMedia co-owners Chris Stratton and Daniel Scurr have worked on both sides of the client and agency equation and bring a personal edge to the market.
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If you’re working in a crowded marketplace, the last thing you do is start your own digital marketing business, right? Well, my business partner Chris and I agree that it probably isn’t the ideal scenario. We also know that the agency experience in Newcastle can be so much better than it is today.

Here’s the scenario we have found:

You’re the owner of a business and you’ve decided that you need to get ahead of your competitors through advertising. Maybe you’ve used agencies in the past but haven’t had a great experience. Maybe this is your first time engaging someone to help you with your advertising. Perhaps you use different agencies for different parts of your marketing but find it disjointed.

Whichever way it is, your hunt for a solution begins.

Once you have found a company that ‘wows’ you, then the excitement begins. There is talk of the amazing things they will do for you and your brand. Everything seems awesome (except maybe the price!!) and you can’t wait to get going.

Communication starts out fantastic and you begin to see the strategy grow. The results soon follow. Your new supplier seems invested in what you are doing and eager to deliver great things. The good news is from our experience this genuinely is the case. They want to deliver great results and generally do.

Where did they go?

Over time as the relationship starts to normalise you notice that you aren’t seeing your rep as often anymore. Perhaps you used to have regular phone calls but they have dried up too. This can be over a long period of time or it may be happening right now but because your business is going well you don’t seem to notice. You might have bigger issues to tackle such as the growth of your business.

But perhaps you’ve hit a lean patch in your business and need help. Anxiety starts to set in as you try to figure out where your agency has gone or what they are doing for your business. When you reach out the response seems to take an age, or it really doesn’t address the problem. The relationship starts to sour and you are left feeling as if your business doesn’t matter to them anymore.

The inside word

The reality is what has probably happened is your account has been moved into a holding pattern. You have fallen off the ‘radar’. Here is how my business partner Chris sees it, “When I was working with a large digital agency there would be a discovery period at the beginning of the client relationship. It would be very exciting for everyone involved. You would meet with the clients regularly and be really involved with their business.”

“But once that relationship was created, and the strategy had been implemented, then we would move on to the next new customer. The next ‘exciting’ thing. The ‘old’ customer would be left to an account manager to maintain. This person may have 20 or more clients to manage so the relationship becomes less personal and more reactive.”

“The reason we started a digital marketing business was to keep that personal connection. By only having a handful of select clients we can make sure that we always have time, and we can always be found.”

A digital marketing business built for the now

And that is the crux of what we do. There is plenty of other stuff too, like our relationship with a variety of traditional suppliers like printers, billboard advertising, print media and television advertising, along with a full range of digital media. But our key is that we don’t take on a customer unless we are the right fit for them, they are the right fit for us, and we know that we will be able to maintain the level of service they deserve.

We want to raise the bar when it comes to client-agency relationships and with that create a digital marketing business model that delivers positive results for all involved. After all, there is no point starting a business partnership unless it works for both parties.

If you know it, share it!

Lastly, we don’t feel the need to hide our knowledge. We are happy to have a chat and share everything that we know. The reality is the clients we serve either don’t want to do it themselves or they have better things that they could be doing. They are happy to engage a digital marketing business to help them out. It is also crazy to ‘hold on’ to that information when a program like Google search means that pretty much all of it is freely available anyway. By sitting down and talking to us you get to weed out the bad advice and get straight to the good stuff.

We will be posting our knowledge along with any industry news and tips to our blog and through our newsletters. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to receive the latest information straight to your inbox and we look forward to working with you soon.

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We’re a digital marketing agency in Newcastle, Australia. Working closely with our clients we take a holistic approach to your digital marketing, including you and your team in the journey to deliver personalised and tailored solutions.

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