If you know little or nothing on how digital marketing works, then how can you be sure that you are hiring the right person for your business? Here’s our explanation into why you don’t want to hire a digital marketing manager in 2019.

Want to hire a digital marketing manager in 2019? Don’t!

If you know little or nothing on how digital marketing works, then how can you be sure that you are hiring the right person for your business? Here’s our explanation into why you don’t want to hire a digital marketing manager in 2019.

Marketing or Digital Marketing?

Here’s a true story from a company that I worked for a while back. This company saw themselves as a leader in their industry and was always looking to stay ahead of the pack. When the main competition in their market advertised for a Digital Marketing Manager, they were quick to realise that it was something they needed as well.

I applied for the role and after two rounds of interviews, I was made an offer. The job offer was emailed to me, and on reviewing it the first thing that stood out to me was the role title.

Rather than saying ‘Digital Marketing Manager’, the role was simply ‘Marketing Manager’. This didn’t phase me as I was confident of filling both roles, but I did call my potential employer just to clarify their position.

The response I received was as I had expected. The company owner said “well I have been doing it all myself for the last 10 years so I figured you would have a better idea than I do…”

After working there for a short while I realised that part of his motivation was simply that he did not have the time to be running the business and the marketing team. He was also very aware that all of the marketing had to be coordinated and working in unison. He never wanted a digital marketing manager, what he wanted was a marketing manager.

What’s in a name?

By giving me the title of Digital Marketing Manager there was a chance that he was restricting my activities and giving me the ‘not my job’ excuse that frustrates so many business owners.

In 2016 I reminded of this when attending a digital summit in Sydney.

Kate Morris of Adore Beauty was on the guest panel.  When she was asked a question relating to Digital Marketing Managers she remarked that we shouldn’t be calling them that. Digital Marketing is now just marketing. By differentiating between the two you may be taking your eye off the bigger picture.

The point is that whoever is running your digital marketing should be taking an overall look at your business and how every aspect has an impact on your brand and your marketing.

If you are looking to hire someone to take care of your digital in 2019, then make sure that the rest of your business is included in your decision making. Here are some tips on what to look for.

What should you be looking for when hiring a Marketing Manager?

Marketing Manager skills that you should look for in 2019
  1. Business strategies influence marketing strategies

    Senior team members should have an influence on your business’s direction and the role of the marketing manager is no different. It is vital that they understand the importance of aligning their strategies with those of the rest of the company.

    Business goals influence target audience which in turns influences delivery. 

    When goals change, your marketing manager should look at what impact that has on your marketing strategy.

  2. Taking control of the customer experience

    I would go as far as to say a good marketing manager should take responsibility for the entire customer experience, and build that to balance with the business goals.

    For example, what experience does the customer get when it comes to paying a bill? Are the accounts team trained, or at least armed with the tools to deliver a great customer experience?

    Working with the other leaders in the business your marketing managers aim should be to provide a consistent and overall positive experience across the board.

    Note that this shouldn’t be at the expense of the performance of those teams though. At the end of the day, the accounts teams role is to ensure bills are paid on time. A great marketing manager will understand this and be able to deliver balance.

  3. Building a roadmap

    A good marketing strategy is the basis of any ongoing success. A well-planned marketing strategy takes a total picture of your business, your product and your audience.

    Your marketing manager should deliver their strategy this in mind.

    Strategies should include:
    – Businesses values and goals
    – Target audiences
    – Shared value (between your business and your customers)
    – Product/Service Targets (KPI’s)
    – Delivery methods (to help you reach the audience and achieve those targets)
    – What successful outcomes look like, and how they will be tracked

  4. Build your momentum:

    Marketing now compared to just a few years ago is about the long game, and you will be rewarded if you play it. Building your strategy now will give you the momentum to lead your space in the future:

    – Start with a great product: It seems obvious, but a great product means word of mouth and repeat business. These are two of the cheapest returns on investment you will find.
    – Build your brand: People buy and will continue to buy from brands they know, like and trust.
    – Deliver an outstanding experience: again, it is about word of mouth and repeat business. What’s cheaper than paying for advertising on Facebook? Having your customers do the advertising for you.
    – Start your SEO now: Driving organic traffic to your business at the flick of a switch just is not possible. You need to be planning on ranking in 12 months time or perhaps even more, so start now and keep creating new content and updating your existing content. Heres our top 10 SEO tips to help you out.

  5. Use an Omnichannel approach

    The old adage about keeping all your eggs in one basket rings true today more than ever. In a world where you are just one algorithm change, or one black-listing away from commercial suicide, it is vital that you take a broad approach to your digital platforms.

    Running your marketing across multiple platforms also allows you to identify new trends that you can exploit to help keep your conversion costs down and your return on investment up.

  6. If it can be automated then do it!

    Who has time to send out daily birthday emails and remarketing blasts?

    There are many tools available today to make the life of your sales, marketing and service teams easier. Less stress, more time, better accuracy.

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