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Website Branding

We already know that consumers buy from brands that they know, like and trust. Your website branding needs to not only reflect the right look, but it also needs to relay your companies values and how your customers to perceive your business.

5 Tips for your Website Branding

Here are my tips to make sure your website isn’t letting down your brand:

Use website branding guidelines

If you don’t have them already, then it is essential from a brand perspective that you have defined guidelines that dictate how people use your brand.

Incorporated as part of your overall brand guidelines, website branding guidelines ensure consistency across all aspects of your business. From your stationery design to your window and vehicle graphics, to your digital presence, they outline the use of fonts, colours, logos, language and imagery.

Your marketing team can create these for you, and once created they can then be shared within your business so that everyone knows the rules when it comes to your brand.

Website branding kit
A good branding kit includes guidelines for both digital and traditional media.

Hot Tip: Your brand guidelines can also incorporate a section for those outside of your business, for example, partners, sponsorships and advertisers.

Keep it simple

Your website shouldn’t look like a Jackson Pollock. While the look is an essential element of any website, it shouldn’t detract from the purpose of your site. Keep your design simple and save your bright colours for your call to actions.

simple website branding
Website branding should support the purpose of the site, which is usually to drive users to convert.

Think about what it is the user is there to do, and use your design to support that purpose. For more on this, you can read my article about being artsy, but not too artsy.

Find your tone

Think about how you communicate with your customers. Communication should be consistent whether your customers speak to you face to face, over the phone, or through your website or social media. Is your tone formal, professional, or casual?

Whatever the tone, it should reflect your brand, and it should be consistent.

Connecting with your customers

Ever wondered what the point of an about-us page is? It’s not like anyone looks at them right? Well yes and no.

While a traditional about-us page may not get a lot of users navigating to it, the content that typically sits within your about-us page is some of the most valuable on your site.

The who, what, when, where and why of your business are critical components to winning new clients. Rather than hide them away on their own page, bring to them into the spotlight by incorporating the information into your landing pages.

Don’t be afraid to tell customers about your values, and it is a potent tool if you can use the leaders in your business as part of your website’s personality.

website branding people
Using your business leaders as part of your brand helps customers connect with your brand.


Stake your reputation on it

Lastly, the way your customers speak about you reflects a lot about your brand. Look to use testimonials and reviews on your site that support the way you talk about your business.

Strategically placed testimonials reassure users who are about to convert, whether this is a purchase, a phone call or a subscription.

Need Help?

NewyMedia is a digital marketing company based in Australia. If you want us to help put together branding guidelines for your website, then we are here to help. You can contact us here, or sign up below to join our mailing list for more great tips and advice.

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